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America has become a land of three streets: Wall Street, K Street, and Main Street.  Wall Street & K Street have found their way into every nook & cranny of our nation’s capital. How? By buying their way there.  As for Main Street, so far it’s had to run alone … that is, until now.  

My platform is Main Street. Thus, in the beginning: Will the Speaker of the House support such a platform? No.  Will the Leader of the Senate support such a platform? No.  Will even the President of the United States support such a platform? No.  In the end, however, what they’ll all come to realize is this: that Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government “of the People, by the People, for the People,” can come under assault by vested interests in Washington DC, but it will stay under assault only for so long, before there is a concerted pushback, and a valiant fightback, by the People.  Because what President Lincoln saw for America, in 1863 at Gettysburg, will never be allowed (as he said) to “perish from the earth.”

Listen to any campaign for election or re-election — be it by a Republican or Democrat — and you always find a common denominator of promises to: 

• “assist the middle class” so that there may someday be a prosperous middle class 

• “help those in need find gainful employment” so that there may someday be fewer in need 

• “grow the economy, and thus revenue to the Treasury” so that there may someday be an end to deficits

• “advance the interests of small businesses” so that there may someday be many more businesses of all sizes

• and “create jobs” that pay well 

In the end, what do we find? Empty promises. So empty, in fact, that they’ve led to: 

• a lower middle class that’s slowly (but noticeably) sinking into the poor 

• not fewer, but many more people in need

• an economy growing only because the government is borrowing and spending — more than $15 Trillion in new debt to produce less than $9 Trillion in new GDP, the last I checked, with no end in sight to the ongoing pattern

• small business formation and survival at historic lows 

• jobs that are increasingly part-time, low-wage, and deficient on both near-term benefits and long-term security

For too long, politicians have had it too easy, making empty promises.  In every instance of an empty promise made, there were no specifics, no detail, to back-up the promise from turning up empty. Notice, however, that my PLEDGES are both very specific and highly detailed. Empty promises, no more!

I’m a lifelong business owner. Yes, I know what it takes to start a business, run a business, employ and expand — for how I took a map of Penner Manufacturing’s customers from just one pin in one state, to where I have it now in 49 states and Canada, see here. Yet, while ‘business owner’ might be a whole lot better qualification for public service than ‘career politician’, that too (in and of itself) is not enough. You need a plan on how best to serve the public, laid out in such DETAIL as to offer SOLUTIONS to those who yearn for them. I have such a plan. My opponent is in this for a career. I am not. To me, this is a MISSION.