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America has become a land of three streets: Wall Street, K Street, and Main Street.  Wall Street & K Street have found their way into every nook & cranny of our nation’s capital. How? By buying their way there.  As for Main Street, so far it’s had to run alone … that is, until now.  

My platform is Main Street. Thus, in the beginning:  Will the Speaker of the House support such a platform? No.  Will the Leader of the Senate support such a platform? No.  Will even the President of the United States support such a platform? No.

In the end, however, what they’ll all come to realize is this: That Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government “of the People, by the People, for the People,” can come under assault by vested interests in Washington DC, but it will stay under assault only for so long, before there is a concerted pushback, and a valiant fightback, by the People. Because what President Lincoln saw for America, in 1863 at Gettysburg, will never be allowed to “perish from the earth” as Lincoln said.

For too long, politicians have had it too easy, making empty promises.  The poor, the middle class, small business, jobs, and the deficit-and-debt-ridden economy are all not doing so well, you notice.  And I’ve got reason to believe, things will only get worse. Why? The links below — and especially link #3 — will tell you why.

Politicians have been making empty promises to rid our nation’s capital of endemic corruption. Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” in 2006 before Donald Trump promised the same in 2016 — no swamp got drained back then, and I see no swamp getting drained now.

In every instance of an empty promise made, there were no specifics, no detail, to back-up the promise from turning up empty.  Notice, however, that my Platform (itemized below) is both very specific and highly detailed.  Empty promises, no more!

If you elect me as your U.S. Representative, the three legislative initiatives I will prioritize first are as follows. If you like one or two or all three of them, then you should express your support for them, either here on or by US Mail.

  1. To REMOVE the $ in Public $ervice —
  2. To END tax favoritism of multinational corporations vs domestic corporations and SECURE tax relief for small and medium business.  —
  3. To PROTECT Main Street from Wall Street and PREEMPT an amassing threat to the well-being of ALL NEBRASKANS. —

Express your support here on

Express your support by US Mail:
Write-in your name, physical address, and the bills you like, then mail your letter of support to:

Penner for Congress
P.O. Box 333
Aurora, NE 68818

Once those 3 bills have gained traction — scroll down to “The 300 Strategy” to see how I’ll get them to gain traction — I will move onto other legislative initiatives I find feasible, some found here:

“The 300 Strategy”

If I am elected to Congress, I will enter Day 1 after swear-in with the capacity to contact 300 unique individuals swiftly and directly. 

They’ll be local and state radio hosts, TV personalities, writers and reporters and journalists, audience-rich bloggers and powerful webmasters — all leaders in their real brick & mortar towns and cities or virtual online communities. 

The ‘300’ will spread across enough states of these sometimes divided United States to exceed the minimum I need to reach critical components of the electorate in the East, the West, the North, the South, and everywhere necessary in between. 

The ‘300’ will provide the ‘national push’ and ‘inertial force’ to the legislation I seek implementation for in Bill-Requests 1, 2, and 3.