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If I, Kirk Penner, earn enough of your votes to win both the Primary and the Midterm elections, I want to start out of the gate running on Day 1 as your United States Representative.

Normally, after the swear-in, I hear freshmen members of Congress undergo some kind of “orientation” on Capitol Hill to get the lay of the land and how things work in terms of process, procedure, and pecking order — frankly speaking, I am not all that interested in being ‘orientated’ by Congress. Soon after swear-in, I hear freshmen members of Congress undergo some kind of “training” on how to haul in money from big-dollar donors … something about cold-calling Wall Street & K Street bigwigs to introduce yourself and ask what you can do for them in return for money to fill up campaign finance coffers of the Party … definitely NOT interested in that either.

Day 1, I want to push for the introduction of legislation that benefit my constituents, my state’s small & medium businesses, their workers and, by extension, all who are like them all across America.

Much of the content to that legislation I’ll seek is contained in the following three Bill-Requests. If you like one or two or all three of them, then you should express your support for them, either here on or by US Mail.

  1. To REMOVE the $ in Public $ervice —
  2. To PROTECT Main Street from Wall Street and PREEMPT an amassing threat to the well-being of ALL NEBRASKANS. —

Express your support here on

  • Enter your email and your physical address to identify the Congressional District you live in so we can make your support count — besides District 3, yes we do expect support from Districts 1 & 2 in Nebraska as well as from districts in surrounding states.
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Express your support by US Mail:
Write-in your name, physical address, and the bills you like, then mail your letter of support to:

Penner for Congress
P.O. Box 333
Aurora, NE  68818